Miss Elise Gear

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Educational background

Psychology, Clinical Psychology and Mental Health (BSc) with First Class Honours (2016-2019). Dissertation: 'The Stigma of Illness: Examining Sex Differences and the Predictive Capabilities of Exposure, Knowledge and Empathy'. 

Clinical Psychology (MSc) with Distinction (2019-2020). Awarded the Royal Holloway and Bedford New College Trust Scholarship. Dissertation: 'Mindfulness for Non-Clinical Paranoia: A Randomised Controlled Trial'. 


Research interests

My current research interests lie in understanding the experience of paranoia within the general population. I am presently investigating the prevalence of non-clinical paranoia within the workplace, in a series of two cross-sectional studies utlising both questionnaires and experimental methods. During the latter years of my PhD I hope to establish and validate behavioural indices of non-clincial paranoia, through the use of virtual reality technology. 


I am a statistics workshop demonstator on the second year undergradaute course: Psychological Research Methods and Analysis (PS2010). I am currently completing the Programme in Skills of Teaching to Inspire Learning qualification (inSTLL).

Other work

I volunter as an editor for THESIS, a pedagogic research group within the Royal Holloway Psychology Department and School of Life Sciences and the Environment. Alongside my contributions to the Twitter page and website, I have been involved in designing and promoting pedagogic initiatives within the school, such as our recent blog competition exploring student's experiences of COVID-19. I am also co-ordinating a seminar, due to take place in term 3, that will provide an insight for prospective PhD students into early career teaching. 

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