Miss Eleonora Raspi

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Research interests

PhD student in Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures, my main research interests lie in the space of interdisciplinary. Under the supervision of Dr. Giuliana Pieri and Prof. James Williams, my research is a cross-disciplinary study of Michelangelo Antonioni’s late, controversial corpus of works. 

The core of this study expands the director’s undisputed image as auteur to acknowledge him as a multimedia artist, in light of his ways of appropriating multiple creative mediums and his longstanding painting practice. Collectively, Antonioni’s multimedia output, from Le montagne incantate (1979-1983) to Roma (1990), plays on a repetition of previous themes and preoccupations, but does so across the heterogeneous cultural ecosystems of cinema, visual arts, music video and advertising. This study considers such body of work a turning point in the director’s career, by recognising his interdisciplinary approach to the art practice, and a pioneering personality that guided his aesthetic journey towards an abstraction of colour and form.

Other research interests involve the concepts of space and identity in our contemporary reality; history of modern and contemporary art; the group of British Contructivists; the notions of European territory and culture, along with its marginal areas and peripheries that constitute the locus of much contemporary visual and filmic representation.



Educational background

2010, University of Virginia (USA) - MA in Italian Studies (literature and photography)

2005-2007, Catholic University of Milan (Italy) - MA in Art History

2001-2005, Catholic University of Milan (Italy) - BA in Cultural Heritage


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