Ms Elena Alekseeva

Supervised by

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Dr Tim Summers. Second Supervisor/Advisor. September 2020—August 2022;

Dr Federico Reuben. Lead Supervisor. September 2020—February 2022;

Dr Leah Kardos. Lead Supervisor. August 2016—September 2018;

Dr Olga Goriunova. Second Supervisor. August 2016—September 2018;

Dr Samantha Fernando. Advisor. August 2016—September 2018;

Mr Brian Lock. Lead Supervisor. September 2014—July 2016.


Interdisciplinary Portfolio of Compositions: Exploration of Movement and Modes of Collaboration in Screendance, Games and VR Media.


Elena Alekseeva's practice-based research focused on establishing a personal interdisciplinary compositional framework through movement, collaboration, and media as creative inspiration. She explores how collaboration affects the development and negotiation of compositional voice. Her work with media includes writing music and its technical adaptation to screendance videos, games, and VR. 




Elena Alekseeva's musical career started as a child when she began training as a classical pianist. Consistent training has given her a comprehensive repertoire and technique. In addition to her performance studies, Elena studied theoretical subjects: musical analysis, music theory, harmony, counterpoint, choir/orchestral conducting, and music history (Classical Western Music History and Classical Russian Music History).

Elena's skills include classical piano performance; popular music performance; digital music production (Logic Pro/Ableton, ProTools). A solid background in classical piano allowed Elena to express herself in free improvisation, which led her to write music and experiment with modern technological tools. Elena collaborates with artists from various disciplines—dance, film, games and VR. 


Research Interests


Music composition for digital media (films, games and VR), piano, electronic dance music (EDM), screendance, metaverse and VR.


Educational Background


2014- 2022: Royal Holloway University of London, London, United Kingdom. PhD in Music Composition.

2012 -2014: Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland.
MA in Classical Piano Performance. 

2007-2012: State Musical Pedagogical Institute named after M.M.Ippolitov-Ivanov, Moscow, Russia
Classical Piano Teaching and Performance. 

ID: 22888291