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I am a second-year Ph.D Candidate. I graduated from the University of Amsterdam in 2014 with a Master’s degree majoring in Holocaust and Genocide studies, having previously been granted a Bachelor degree in Political Science and International Relations from the Open University of Israel (2012). My graduate studies at the University of Amsterdam sparked an interest in historical research, particularly through my Master’s thesis which focused on the Israeli non-recognition of the Armenian genocide. As an individual of Israeli–Jewish descent, Holocaust heritage is clearly intrinsically important to me but this has also awakened an interest in other instances of genocides, of which the 1915 genocide of Armenians is particularly interesting. My doctoral project addresses the factors behind Israel's policy of non-recognition of the Armenian genocide during the 1980's (1978-1988). The last decade of the Cold War was a key period in the formation of Israel's now long-standing policy of non-recognition since the campaign for the recognition of Armenian genocide came to the fore in 1982, forcing Israel to shape its policy. The preliminary findings of the research indicate that Israel shaped its foreign policy based on three main factors: protecting diaspora Jewish communities in the Middle East, fighting against Middle Eastern political violence, and the Israel-Turkish-American alliance. My ability to access Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs documents written in Hebrew and to conduct oral interviews with former Israeli diplomats and politicians give depth to this research project.
"A Unique Denial: Israel's Foreign Policy and the Armenian Genocide", the British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, 2015, Volume 42, Issue 4, pages 638-654
"Between Ankara and Jerusalem: geopolitical and domestic influences on Israeli policy on the Armenian Genocide" Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies, (accepted for publication, forthcoming early 2018).
"Diplomacy of Terror: ASALA – PLO, Revolutionary Left-Wing Terrorism and Israel's Foreign Policy," Manuscript under editorial consideration.
Talks and papers in international conferences:
In the 2015-16 academic year, I presented papers in the course of the centennial of the Armenian genocide in several international conferences. In April 2016 I presented at University Michigan-Dearborn in the Armenians and the Cold War conference a paper titled: An Israeli-American-Turkish Alliance in 1982: The Cold War and Political Violence by ASALA. The paper serves as the basis for my first doctoral thesis chapter.

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