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Ela completed her BSc Mathematics degree from Royal Holloway in June 2013 with a First Class Honours, taking modules focusing on cryptography.  During this time she completed a project in pseudo-random number generation.  The following summer she was an intern at the Information Security team at QinetiQ, looking at protocols and key management.  In 2013-2014 she completed the MSc Information Security at Royal Holloway, finishing with a Distinction.  Her masters' thesis focused on flexibility within cryptographic primitives, particularly on the SHA-3 cryptographic hash standard.

Ela is happy to have joined the the CDT 2014 cohort for her PhD studies.  For her first year summer project she worked with industry to provide a solution for verifying Cloud storage and encryption of files under the correct access keys.  current research is on defining trust in the Cloud, as a means of clarifying the trust assumptions made in Cloud solutions and how this impacts security proofs.

Ela's current research is on cryptography in the Cloud, particularly proxy re-encryption and looking at how we define trust in cryptography.

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