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My research investigates the structure and impact of the concept, e-supply chain management (the use of internet and web technologies in supply chain management), through a multi-dimensional perspective, with a view to understand the concept and provide better insight into its various manifestations. My MPhil research developed a conceptual framework of e-SCM, a classification of e-supply chains and introduced the importance of the ‘design’ element, to the discussion of the concept.

Ekoh has gained an in-depth knowledge of the concept and in the following e-supply chain designs and industry: e-Intermediaries, e-Manufacturing Information Systems, e-Product Development, e-Leagile Design Systems, e-Document Delivery Systems, e-Forecasting, e-Wireless Design Systems, e-RFID, e-Optimization Design, e-Modelling of Complex Design Systems, e-Contract Management, e-Knowledge Management, e-Performance Management, e-CRM, e-Music Design Systems and e-Intelligent Agent Design Systems.

Ekoh’s research is unprecedented in many ways, including:

  • The first multi-dimensional conceptual framework of e-SCM
  • The first bibliometric study of e-SCM and
  • The first Mixed Method research study of e-SCM.

His future research interests lies, not only, in developing a theoretical and empirical justification of the concept, but also, in investigating e-supply chain designs as value-added and innovative ecosystems and in capturing the value-added nature of e-supply chain design platforms.


Career & Teaching Interests

Ekoh has already spent several years as a Visiting Lecturer in Business & Management at London Metropolitan University, where he also spent a year as a Practicing Lecturer prior to him taking up assignments as Visiting Lecturer in Business and Management. In 2011, he was a Visiting Lecturer in Supply Chain Management at the University of East London. He has also had practical experience in the the Independent Health Care Industry, NGOs and an experienced Red Cross Volunteer. His career aim after his doctoral degree is full-time university research and teaching in Management and Organization, in order to advance research and scholarship of the concept and in other e-supply design ecosystems in the manifestation of e-SCM.


His other teaching experience and interests inter alia includes:


Supply Chain Management and Supply Strategy

International Business Strategy

e-Business and e-Commerce

e-Supply Design Ecosystems

Operations and Supply Management


Mixed methods research




Institute of Supply Management (ISM)

Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineering (IEEE)

Member of the Technology and Information Management Group, School of Management, RHUL.






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