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I studied for four years at Imperial College London and received an MSci in Mathematics with First Class (Honours), specialising in Number Theory and Algebra.
Since joining the CDT in September of 2016 I have studied lattice cryptography and in particular its cryptanalysis. In the taught year I studied, in depth, a class of algorithms known as lattice sieves and decided to continue this work into the Ph.D proper. As well as completing a paper estimating the security of all lattice based submissions to the NIST Post Quantum Cryptography standardisation procedure, I have concluded work on amortising lattice sieves inside lattice reduction algorithms. Sieves are the basis of most concrete lattice cryptanalysis and an understanding of their complexity is crucial to determining security. This work came about after an invited visit to CWI Amsterdam.
I am currently designing and optimising quantum circuits for several sieving subroutines in an effort to understand the interplay between practical quantum computing and algorithm design.
Outside of academia I take an active role in the department's ``Capture the Flag'' (competitive hacking) team and also enjoy theatre.

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