Dr Dominic Walker

Personal profile

At Royal Holloway, I have several responsibilities. These can be summarised as such:
- Module B of the 2nd year Geographical Techniques course [lectures + practicals] (convenor)
- 2nd year Geographical Field Training field trip (designer, convenor)
- 2nd year Cultural Geographies course [lectures, field trip, seminars and tutorials] (co-convenor)
- 1st year tutorials (tutorial fellow)
- 3rd year dissertations (dissertation supervisor)
- MA in Cultural Geography (contributor)
- MA dissertations (dissertation advisor)
- 1st year Geographical Techniques field trip (contributor)
- Ph.D. annual review panel (panellist)
- marking responsibilities associated with all but one of these
- I am also undertaking the Capital training programme in pursuit of Higher Education Academy Fellowship.

Aside from lecturing, I am a member of the Social, Cultural and Historical Geography research group (which informs the MA Cultural Geography programme) and the Centre for GeoHumanities at Royal Holloway. When I'm not teaching, preparing lecture content, or marking content, I am also writing up parts of my Ph.D. project (which I viva'd from in July 2017) for publication in high-impact geographical academic journals and books. I am also writing grant applications for the Leverhulme Trust and the British Academy respectively, relating to future potential projects such as those exploring creative practice, experiments, and institutions. My most recent publication, titled 'Turning local interests into local action' is due to be published in the (forthcoming) 'Creative placemaking: a conversation between theory and practice' Routledge book in early 2018.


Research interests

I am interested in how the social and cultural constitution of institutions intersects with experiments, the public, and artistic practice. Notably I am particularly interested in how the current political ‘post-truth’ landscape has implications for cultural and social institutions, as well as for new forms of knowledge production.

Secondary interests are in landscape, heritage, notions of expertise, and cultural institutions such as museums.

ID: 28786562