Dr Deirdre Birtles

Personal profile

Following PhD research in postural control and risk factors for falling in older adults, I worked as a postdoctoral research fellow with Professors Oliver Braddick and Jan Atkinson in the Visual Development Unit (UCL/University of Oxford) combining interests in developmental visual neuroscience and visuomotor control with longitudinal studies of children with developmental disorders including children with Down syndrome, and children born very preterm. At the University of East London my research projects included studying perceptual-motor behaviour from infancy to adolescence in children with Down syndrome, Creative Arts training to improve cognitive, motor, and emotional development in pre-schoolers and development of an executive function task suitable for children with developmental disorders and brain injury in collaboration with colleagues from the DClinPsych programme. At RHUL my research has focused on wellbeing and functioning in older adults, individuals with developmental disorders and adults with physical disability.


I currently teach on the undergraduate course PS1010: Introduction to Psychological Research.  In addition, I supervise final year projects (PS3201), independent critical literature reviews (PS3210), and MSc Clinical Psychology (PS5305) and MSc Forensic Psychology (CR5100) projects related to my research interests in lifespan development, developmental disorders and brain injury.


Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

ID: 31297601