Dr Deborah Harvey

Research interests

Saproxylic beetles with conservation interest - species including Lucanus cervusGnorimus nobilis (Leverhulme funded) and Limoniscus violaceus. Focussing on monitoring schemes using pheromones but also on the biology and ecology of the species. 

Schools Biodiversity Project: investigating and improving biodiversity in school grounds (funded by Woodspring Trust) - website http://schoolsbiodiversityproject.com - Twitter @SchoolsBioBoost


Research interests (continued)

Collaborations with:

IACR Rothamsted ( Prof John Pickett.  Dr Michael Birkett and Dr Jozsef Vuts )

University of York : Dr David Chesmore  

University  of Aberystwyth :Prof Paul Shaw, Dr Niall McKeown  ( Joint Leverhulme Grant holders)

University of Birmingham : Prof Jon Sadler and Dr Lloyd Jenkins ( Joint Leverhulme Grant holder)

University of Wroclaw : Dr Marcin  Kadej 

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences   Prof Mattias Larsson 

ID: 9898148