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David Young is a Lecturer in Digital Media Culture and Technology at Royal Holloway, where he teaches software art, data visualisation, and the history and theory of computational media and free/open source culture. His teaching is organised around exploring how a creative and experimental approach to programming can be integrated within theoretical inquiries into the politics of software.

His research focuses on archiving media technologies, histories of computing, and the politics and cultures of defence research in the US during the Cold War. He completed a PhD at the Centre for Critical Theory, University of Nottingham in 2021. His doctoral research studied the institutional discourses of US Air Force command and control systems through an analysis of bureaucratic 'grey' media gathered through archival research, specifically analysing how ‘human operators’ were understood in relation to machines.

Past projects include Localhost (2014-2016), a programme of symposia and workshops that investigated topics including how to construct and utilise packet radios in offline networks; the mediation of the file system on smartphone OSes; and the shifting legislative limits around data privacy and mass surveillance in the UK. Rhythm of Life, a collaborative project with the design studio Thought Collider and scientists from Leiden University (NL), was exhibited at Boijmans van Beuningen (2014) and STRP (2017). He has led investigative workshops (2012-2013) examining the geographies and military-industrial infrastructures that facilitate the use of armed and reconnaissance drones by the United States military and intelligence agencies.

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