Mr David Voneshen

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  • Jon Goff First/primary/lead supervisor


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My research is based around studying lattice dynamics in novel, strongly correlated electron systems. My current focus is the study of thermoelectric materials. These materials are able to generate electricity from heat with no moving parts and have found particular applications in space missions as they are extremely reliable. An efficient thermoelectric requires both a low thermal conductivity and a good electrical conductivity which is a great challenge for materials design. I am trying to understand how materials with cage-like structures can meet these demands with the long term view of being able to design new, more efficient thermoelectrics with everyday terrestrial applications.

We do this by a combined experimental and computational approach. I am a regular user of both national and international experimental facilities such as ISIS, Diamond, ESRF and ILL. Computationally I am proficient in the use of the CASTEP code and have utilised massively parallel computing resources (the SCARF cluster and the ARCHER national supercomputer) to describe our experimental results in collaboration with Dr Keith Refson at the Rutherford-Appleton Laboratory.



Single crystal neutron and x-ray diffraction

Single crystal inelastic scattering (both magnetic and nuclear) with TOF and triple axis instruments

Inelastic x-ray scattering

Density functional theory using the CASTEP code on national high performance computing resources.

Programming in both python and FORTRAN



In addition to my research I am also a laboratory demonstrator for two second year undergraduate courses

PH2150: Scientific Computing in python

PH2710: The Solid state.

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