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David Ventura completed a PhD in Philosophy in the Department of Politics, International Relations and Philosophy at Royal Holloway, University of London. His doctoral thesis was supervised by Prof. Nathan Widder and Dr. Henry Somers-Hall, and was examined by Prof. Leonard Lawlor (Penn State University) and Dr. Sacha Golob (King's College London).

Prior to studying at Royal Holloway, David completed an MSc in Political Theory at the London School of Economics and Political Science, and a BA in Politics with History at the University of Exeter.

Research interests

My main research interest lies in post-Kantian ethics, particularly as it finds its expression in nineteenth- and twentieth-century continental philosophy. Taking up this interest, my doctoral thesis explores the ethics of three modern French thinkers: Henri Bergson, Emmanuel Levinas and Gilles Deleuze. The thesis focuses specifically on what I call these three thinkers' conception of 'temporal ethics', that is, on their idea that as human beings we have something positive to gain from practically directing or relating ourselves to the essential novelty and futurity of time. In the project, I chart Bergson, Levinas and Deleuze's respective ethical models for how this positive relation to the novelty of time can be established, to argue that each of those models could benefit from developing a more nuanced account of the constitutive relation between ethics and the historical. As well as reminding readers of Bergon, Levinas, and Deleuze that a successful ethical project is one that strategically reflects on its own constitutive immersion in history, my thesis also seeks to supplement the recent emphasis in post-Bergsonian political theory (e.g. in William E. Connolly and Elizabeth Grosz's work) that as political subjects we have something to gain from attending to the temporal aspects of our existence.

Alongside my doctoral project, I have also spoken and written on a number of other central questions in nineteenth- and twentieth-century continental philosophy, including on Deleuze and Levinas' respective conceptions of the human Other (autrui), Bergson's philosophy of science, and Jacques Derrida's philosophy of gender. Currently, I am also working on a project that combines my expertise in ethics with my teaching experience in the philosophy of race, specifically, by producing an article that deals with the racial presuppositions of Kant's conception of human dignity in the Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals. After completing this piece, I intend to continue to expand my research focus on the philosophy of race.


During my time at Royal Holloway, I have taught on the following modules:

  • PR1520: Classical Readings in Politics and International Relations (Seminar leader)
  • PY1104: Introduction to Political Philosophy (Seminar leader)
  • PY2006: Modern French Philosophy (Seminar Leader)
  • PY3006: Modern French Philosophy (Seminar Leader)

Additionally, I have also taught in the Philosophy Department at King's College London on the following modules:

  • 6AANB047: 20th Century Continental Philosophy  (Seminar leader)
  • 6AANA032: 19th Century Continental Philosophy (Seminar leader)
  • 6AANB055: Philosophy of Race (Seminar Leader)


If you'd like further information on my academic activites, please feel free to contact me, or to visit my personal website.

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