Mr David Pavitt

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Research interests

My research interests are on the field of graphene and graphite intercalation compounds. Graphene is a two dimensional sheet of carbon atoms in a honeycomb structure that was found to be freestanding even when one atom thick and has extraordinary mechanical, electronic and thermal properties. A graphite intercalation compound is graphite with a new compound inserted between the graphene layers.  My research involves using graphite intercalation compounds to form a single layer of the intercalation compound sandwiched by two graphene layers. The intercalation compound is chosen so that we can study new interesting two dimensional properties in the intercalant or such that it modifies the properties of graphene.

I am also involved with a project on primary noise thermometry where I am making the filters to stop unwanted heating in the low temperature system from radiation coming down the measurement lines.


I have been a demonstrator for the 1st year undergraduate lab and have helped at various science outreach events organised by the physics department. I also have experience from teaching physics in secondary education.

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