Dr Daniela Lai

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Educational background

I hold a Master of Research in Politics and Economics of Eastern Europe (distinction) from the UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies, and a BA and MA in International Relations from the University of Bologna.

Research interests

My PhD research analysed the role of socioeconomic injustice and justice in war and transition, and how post-war societies deal with socioeconomic injustice. Looking at post-war justice as a contested concept and practice, shaped by the intervention of international forces, my thesis analysed socioeconomic justice claims from the perspective of local communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a particular focus on Prijedor and Zenica. The thesis shows that experiences of injustice rooted in the political economy of the war were common, and affected the development of justice claims during the transition. However, the international intervention in post-war Bosnia acknowledged experiences of injustice selectively, and was limited by the priorities driving economic reforms. Lastly, the thesis shows that social mobilisation for redistributive justice, as witnessed in the 2014 protests, can be intepreted as resulting from persisting and unaddressed socioeconomic grievances, and as further exemplifying the limitations of the international intervention. 



  • Introduction to Research Methods - PR1600 (first year undegraduate students)
  • The Politics of Human Rights - PR2590 (second year undergraduate students) - module convenor
  • Supervision of Pre-Master Diploma students 

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