Dr Daniel Hayden

Supervised by

  • Tracey Berry First/primary/lead supervisor


Research interests

My Research is based on searching for new physics in the high mass dilepton channel, using the ATLAS Detector at CERN.  At this new energy frontier a wide range of physics could present itself to explain phenomena that are not currently described by the Standard Model of Particle Physics.  The search I am conducting is for heavy neutral resonances that if found could help point to various grand unified theories (A search for the Z' Gauge Boson), or the existence of very small extra dimensions that could help solve the outstanding hierarchy problem with the force of gravitation (A search for the RS Graviton).

Research interests (continued)

My Interest in Research extends to any form of Exotic Physics beyond the current Standard Model of Particle Physics, Big Bang Inflationary Models of the Universe along with most Cosmology, and Exo-Planetary research which is booming at the moment!


I take a 2nd Year Undergraduate, Problem Class for Atomic and Nuclear Physics.

I also Demonstrate in the 2nd Year Undergraduate, Atomic and Nuclear Laboratory.

I take the 1st Year Undergraduate, Mathematics Problem Class.


I am Member of the ATLAS Collaboration at CERN.

Educational background

I obtained my PhD in Particle Physics at Royal Holloway, University of London.

I Studied at the University of Kent in Canterbury. I was awarded a 1st Class MPhys in Astrophysics.

I went to The Highfield Secondary School. I Studied Maths, Physics, and History at A-Level, and AS-Level Computing.

I went to Lordship Farm Primary School.

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