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My PhD is part of the Leverhulme Centre for Wildfires, Environment and Society (Home - Leverhulme Wildfires Centre Leverhulme Wildfires Centre ( and the DiverseK Pages working group (DiverseK | PAGES (

My research interests lie in the fields of palaeoecology (past ecology). Though the use pollen and charcoal as proxies for vegetation and fire, respectively. The ability to create long-term high-resolution records which can reflect changes in fire regimes and the interactions between fire and vegetation. These long-term records can provide us with the ability to understand fire and vegetation interactions in the past and to understand how they might change in the future.

Educational background

PhD: Royal Holloway (2020-2024)

Long-term interactions between vegetation, fire and human impact in Guyana. 

MSc Quaternary Science: Royal Holloway (2019-2020)

Long-term interactions between vegetation, grazing and anthropogenic fire in Europe.

BSc Physical Geography: Royal Holloway (2016-2019)

Understanding the respose of vegetation to human activity and climate change in the Holocene: evidence for early farming at Treanscrabbagh Valley, Co. Sligo, Ireland. 


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