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I am currently working on a PhD. My thesis is about how the crusade movement affected the finances and assets of people and institutions in England between 1213 and 1337. There is certainly a need for such a study. There exists no monograph on how crusading affected the wealth of crusaders and their families in particular and Western European society in general. As Riley-Smith recently observed, ‘the economic effects of the crusades have never been researched and no economic history of the movement has ever been written.’


“‘They Wondered at the Insatiable Greediness of the Roman Court’: The Significance of the Redemption of Crusaders’ Vows in England in the Thirteenth and Early Fourteenth Centuries,” Postgraduate Medieval Seminar RHUL, October 2017 (forthcoming).

“Gift Giving by Crusaders from England in the Thirteenth Century,” Leeds Medieval Congress, July 2017.

“‘They Sold their Lands and Chattel’: Sale, Pledge and Lease of Property by English Crusaders,” IHR Crusades and the Latin East Seminar, March 2017.

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MA History Royal Holloway (2012-13)

BA History Royal Holloway (2008-11)

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Crossland Research Scholarship (2015-ongoing)

Bedford College Fund (2016)

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