Mr Craig Arnold

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Research interests

My current project focusses on how the brain forms and maintains stable visual representations at multiple hierarchical levels, both in visual perception and short-term memory (VSTM).


Most models of robust VSTM agree that it has a very limited capacity (maybe only 3-4 items). However, such models focus on our ability to maintain very precise and accurate representations of a few individual objects. Both introspectively and empirically, these few items do not appear to be the only information that can be remembered.


Many other forms of information can be recalled, including average feature value, variability, categorical gist, between-object configuration, stimulus detection without identification, etc. Although these may be insufficient to identify correctly the specific value of an individual object, they play important roles in supporting mechanisms such as attention, working memory, scene gist, etc.


I am interested in how attention and VSTM operate at different levels of representation, and what implications these may have for existing models of VSTM. I also have broad interests across vision, attention, working memory, and awareness. My research has primarily employed behavioural measures, psychophysics, eye-tracking, and EEG.


 I demonstrate on the weekly PS2010 Psychological Research Methods and Analysis workshops.

Educational background

MSc Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Durham

MRes Psychology, University of St Andrews

BSc (Hons) Psychology, University of Leicester

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