Mr Connor Shelly

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Graduated from Royal Holloway, University of London (2010) - MSci Physics (1st Class)

Research interests

Use of Hybrid Quantum Interference Device (HyQUID) as a novel read-out device in order to investigate the effects of temperature gradient in inhomogeneous superconducting circuits. The HyQUID utilises the Andreev reflection that occurs at a superconducting/normal metal boundary that allows measurement of the phase and resistance of the attached sample.

In addition to the main aim of the project a number of HyQUID devices are measured at low temperatures (T = 20 mK - 1.2 K) using a dilution fridge and pumped 3He cryostat to investigate the properties of the device as a read-out method.

All samples are made using the Royal Holloway nanofabrication facilities at the on-site clean rooms.

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