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My current research concerns the significance and representation of the mouth in the works of Charles Dickens. The Dickensian mouth becomes fetishised through its association with incorporation, concepts of embodiment, perception and the representation of desire, and through the nineteenth-century drive to consume.

My research interests include:

  • Bodily economics and sensation in Dickens’s work
  • Excess, obsession and extravagance (bodily and economic) associated with consumption and desire
  • The cultural spaces of fetishism – the marketplace, the home, the bedroom
  • The reification of social relationships and the extent to which the mouth and metaphors of the mouth facilitate those networks
  • How the mouth acts as a mediator that shapes culture
  • How loss and the traumatic event can precipitate fetishization in Dickens
  • How concepts of incorporation and merging are entangled with fetishism
  • How fetishism functions as ironic critique 


Visiting Tutor in the English Department and currently applying for TALENT 2 (Fellow) status.


Previous to my postgraduate research, I spent seven years in secondary English teaching from 2008-2016 (2014-15 studied full-time for a Master's) and held the following positions:


  • Deputy Head of a specialist independent school
  • Assistant Head of an Inner-City Academy
  • Head of House of an Inner-City Academy
  • Head of English at a large comprehensive
  • Head of Teaching and Learning at a large comprehensive
  • AST (Advances Skills Teacher )
  • AQA Examiner for A Level English


Other Roles:

I am the post-graduate 2nd Year student representative on the RHUL staff-student committee.


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