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My thesis ‘Britpop's Common People - National identity, popular music and young people in the 1990s’ was supervised by Prof Chris Rumford. It discusses the significance of Britpop’s representation of British identity for British youth and their attitude towards British identity in the 1990’s. I've been awarded my PhD in 2017.

The thesis argues that Britpop’s representation of national identity was more complex and ambiguous than previously suggested by academia and that Britpop’s positive attitude towards Britain and its nostalgic image of British identity needs to be interpreted as a cultural critique of social, economic and political changes in the United Kingdom in the 90s.

I've worked as a Teaching Assistant for PR1500 Introduction to International Relations and PR1600 Introduction to Research Methods in Politics and International Relations. As a Research Assistant for the European Research Project on the 'Economic Crisis and Quality of Democracy in Europe', I was responsible for the UK data collection inclduing both qualitative and quantiotative methods.

My research interest include international relations, national identity, popular studies, young people and cultural studies. i've presented my research at national and international conferences such as for example at the ECPR Montreal, Canada (2015); GSA London, UK (2015) and KISMIF Porto, Portugal (2015).

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