Miss Clare Palmer

Personal profile

I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology, Physiology and Philosophy (PPP) at St John’s College, Oxford University.  I then worked as a research assistant at the Oxford centre for Human Brain Activity (OHBA) under the guidance of Professor Kia Nobre and Dr Susannah Murphy working on cognition and perception in old age.  Following this I completed my PhD at University College London (UCL) in sensorimotor control and EEG under the supervision of Dr James Kilner and was funded by the 4 Year Wellcome Trust PhD in Neuroscience.  I am now working as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Lab of Action and Body at Royal Holloway University of London with Professor Manos Tsakiris researching the role of interoception in the representation of the bodily self and social cognition.

Research interests

I am interested in predictive coding and how the brain integrates interoceptive, exteroceptive and proprioceptive information for perception and higher level cognition using behavioural paradigms and psychophysiological methods such as EEG, fMRI and ECG.  More specifically, I am currently researching new methods to accurately and objectively measure interoceptive awareness and aim to understand how individual differences in interoceptive processing can explain differences in self-awareness, social cognition and resilience to mental health.

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