Miss Clare Lally

Research interests

My main research interests are in the field of language processing; specifically reading, visual word recognitions and letter position coding. My current work investiagtes the flexibility of letter position coding and the 'transposed letter effect' phenomenon. I am interested in cross-linguistic differences and conduct behavioural studies using artificial languages.

Other work

I also assist other members of my lab with studies investigating memory, reading and phonological stress patterns. A variety of methods are used including EEG and FMRI. I am trained as an authorised person in the onsite MRI unit.

Educational background

I completed my undergraduate degree in Linguistics and Phonetics BA (Hons) and received a first class classification in 2013. My dissertation investigated acoustic perception of words with reduced phonemes, with and without lexical ambiguity of surface matching competitors. In other words, how tolerant listeners are of words with missing acoustic information and how dependent this is on whether there are other similar sounding words. 

 I have been awarded an ESRC scholarship and will begin a PhD with Professor Kathy Rastle next year. During my doctorate study, I will be investigating letter position flexibility and coding using artifical languages.

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