Miss Clare Lally

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Research interests

My research interests surround the cognitive processes that underpin skilled reading, such as the ability to generate phonological and semantic representations from written words. My current work uses functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to investigate neural representations of morphologically complex words (e.g. unlock, lockable, locker), which display one of the few systematic relationships between orthography (shared letters) and semantics (shared meaning). I am using searchlight representational similarity analysis (RSA) to localize and characterize neural representations of morphologically complex words within the ventral stream, which has been identified as a hierarchically organized pathway during visual word recognition.

I am a 1+3 ESRC funded student.

I am also a contributing member of the Language, Learning and Cognition Lab and FRiLL (Forum for Research in Literacy and Language).

Educational background

BA (Hons) Linguistics & Phonetics, University of Leeds (First Class)

MSc Research Methods in Psychology, University of Reading (Distinction) - ESRC funded


I have taught undergraduate seminars for the PS1021: Learning & Memory module, and provide feedback to undergraduate project students. I have completed inSTIL (Programme in Skills of Teaching to Inspire Learning) and I am a qualified associate of the Higher Education Academy.

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