Dr Christian Gilliam

Supervised by


Contemporary Political Theory Research Group, RHUL (member) 

Royal Institute of Philosophy (member) 

Friedrich Nietzsche Society (member) 

UK Sartre Society (member)

Other work

- Associate Lecturer in Political Theory, University of Kent (present)

- Digital Collections Officer (Open Access and e-theses), University of Surrey (present)

- AQA, Team Leader, Preperation and Marking (2015)

- Local government/ borough councillor (2011-2015)

- REF Impact Assistant for the Department of Politics and International Relations (2012-2013)

- Policy research for Labour Party (2011) 

- Campaigner for Friends of the Earth and Amnesty International (2006-2010) 


Personal profile

Christian is a Visiting Lecturer in Philosophy. He completed a PhD in Political Philosophy in early 2015, under the supervision of Prof. Nathan Widder. He also holds a first-class honors in Politics from the University of Surrey, where he won an award for his undergraduate dissertation, 'Postmodernism and Fascism'.

Research interests


Gilliam, C. (forthcoming) The Spectre of Immanence: From Ontology to Micropolitics. Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press.




  • Gilliam, C. (2013) ‘Existential Boredom Re-examined: Boredom as Authenticity and Life-Affirmation’, in Journal for Existential Analysis. Vol 24 (2).
  • Gilliam, C. (2013) ‘Review: The Philosophy of Sartre by Hatzimoysis’, in Political Studies Review, Wiley-Blackwell. Vol 11 (2).
  • Gilliam, C. (2016) 'Sartre as a Thinker of (Deleuzian) Immanence: Prefiguring and Complementing the Micropolitical', Contemporary Political Theory, doi:10.1057/cpt.2016.2.


Conference Papers:

  • Gilliam, C. (2012) ‘Post-Existential: The Return of Existentialism?’, 2012 South East DTC Politics Conference, Reading
  • Gilliam, C. (2012) ‘Sartre and Neuroscience: Embodiment or Bad Faith?’ 2012 Cavehill Philosophy Symposium, Barbados
  • Gilliam, C. (2013) ‘Sartre and Foucault in Dialogue: Toward a Post-Existentialism’, 2013 Political Studies Association Conference, Cardiff
  • Gilliam, C. (2013) 'Anti-Representation and Conciousness: Holes, Folds and the Body', 2013 London Conference in Critical Thought, RHUL 
  • Gilliam, C. (2014) 'Difference and Phenomenology: Pre-figuring the Micropolitical', 2014 London Conference in Critical Thought, Goldsmiths



  • PY2006/3006: Modern French Philosophy (Autumn term 2015), lecturer/convenor 
  • PR1520: Classic and Contemporary Readings in Politics and International Relations (former), semianr tutor
  • PR2560: Modern Political Theory (former), seminar tutor 

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