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Research TitleWearable Body Optical Sensor for Real-time Monitoring of the Blood Pressure.

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Blood pressure is principally the major constituent of cardiovascular disease and death with an estimated 9.4 million death toll worldwide in 2010. Statistically, British heart foundation shows that seven out of every ten persons survives cardiovascular disease. Hypertension is tremendously prevalent with over 1.5billion of about 40% of the adult populace worldwide. Early and timely measurement of blood pressure through continuous monitoring of changes in blood pressure is imperative for the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Real-time continuous monitoring of blood pressure sensor will measure continuously the blood pressure. The measured blood pressure reading obtained will be able to predict a heart attack before the occurrence. The device will use optical component such as a light detecting resistor, light emitting devices and microcontroller for the execution of the programme. Blood pressure are periodically measured by old devices using cuff technique, some readings are absent because of the periodic measurement. The proposed device will take readings remotely and transmit to the medical person for interpretation. The device will measure the heart rate, oxygen level, glucose, body temperature and blood pressure. Traditionally, sphygmomanometer was used for the blood measurement.  


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