Mr Chien-Cheng Chen

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Research interests

My research focuses on Edward Bond's plays and theory of drama in the new millennium. Over the past thirty years, while distancing himself from mainstream British theatre, Bond has developed a sustained and creative collaboration with Big Brum, a Birmingham-based TIE company, and Alain Françon, one of the most prestigious contemporary French directors. Bond has written ten plays for Big Brum and dedicated five plays, The Paris Pentad, to Françon, and these works clearly mark a dynamic new phase within Bond's playwriting career. Underlying his tremendous creative output is a new dramaturgical aesthetics and ethics originating from the thinking of the relationship between the human psyche, theatre, and society. My thesis aims to delineate the development and significance of Bond’s recent work by investigating his theory of dramaturgy, acting and directing, his plays, the productions in Paris and Birmingham.

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