Miss Charlotte Young

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Educational background

MA History by Research; Royal Holloway, University of London (2014-15)

1st Class BA (Hons) History; Canterbury Christ Church University (2011-14)

Personal profile

PhD and Research Interests:

My thesis is exploring the implementation and impact of Parliament's policy of sequestration during the English Civil Wars, c1645-1650. I have previously studied its use during the years 1642 to 1644 in my MA dissertation. 

Sequestration was the process by which land, money and goods were confiscated from delinquent families during the English Civil War. This tactic was primarily utilised by the Parliamentarians as a method of reducing the revenue available for Charles I to draw upon, and simultaneously finance their own military campaign, but the Royalists also launched their own sequestration policy in the mid-1640s, albeit on a smaller scale. This topic has been largely overlooked by scholars and it has never been the subject of any in-depth analysis, which has led to striking misconceptions about its origins, administration and efficiency. I will explore the developing legislation governing the process, and the challenges associated with ensuring its legal and effective implementation across England and Wales.   

I am also working on developing a new biography of John Bradshaw, the judge who would become infamous for sentencing Charles I to execution in January 1649. 



My PhD is being funded by an AHRC TECHNE DTP scholarship. My profile on their website can be viewed here: http://www.techne.ac.uk/techne-members/techne-students/techne-students-2016/young

Papers and Talks:

Title: ‘Let’s have our wives again, now you have fleec’d ‘em’. Organisation: Pre-Modern Girls Symposium, Royal Holloway, University of London. Date: 4th March 2016.

Title: ‘His Lands as well as Goods / Sequestred ought to be’: the introduction of sequestration, 1642-3. Organisation: British History in the 17th Century Seminar, Institute of Historical Research. Date: 9th June 2016.

This paper can be viewed here.

Title: 'Deprived of all manner of Livelihood': The Sequestration of the Earl and Countess of Downe. Organisation: History Postgraduate Seminar, Royal Holloway, University of London. Date: 22nd September 2016.

This paper can be viewed here.

Title: ‘Our Wives you find at Goldsmiths Hall’: women and sequestration during the English Civil War. Organisation: 'Living the Family' Conference, University of Leicester. Date: 8th November 2016.

A short blog post summarising this paper can be viewed here

Title: ‘Our Wives you find at Goldsmiths Hall’: women and sequestration during the English Civil War. Organisation: Womens’ Studies Group, The Foundling Museum. Date: 21st January 2017.

Title: 'She with her poore children are exposed to great misorie': The impact of sequestration on women and children during the English Civil War. Organisation: 'Alternative Families: Childcare and Parental Figures in History' Conference, University of Sheffield. Date: 9th-10th February 2017.

Title: ‘Our Wives you find at Goldsmiths Hall’: women and sequestration during the English Civil War. Organisation: 'Expanding Visions: Women in the Medieval and Early Modern World; Conference, University of Miami, Florida, USA. Date: 2nd-4th March 2017. 

Upcoming Talks:

Title: John Bradshaw's forgotten role: The Committee for Sequestration's legal advisers in the 1640s. Organisation: Parliaments, Politics and People Seminar, Institute of Historical Research. Date: 16th May 2017.

Title: Tracing women's agency during the English Civil War using sequestration records. Organisation: MEMS Festival, University of Kent. Date: 16th-17th June 2017.

Title: 'Take their deplorable estate into your pious considerations': Women's appeals to the Committee for Sequestrations during the English Civil War. Organisation: 'Litigating Women' Conference, University of Swansea. Date: 28th-29th June 2017.

Title: Raiding the Palace: The sequestration of St Augustine's Abbey during the English Civil War. Organisation: Canterbury Christ Church University. Date: 5th July 2017.

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