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Thesis title: Crusading on the Eve of the Reformation: The Making of Church, State, and Society in Late-Medieval England

My thesis shows that crusading played an active and important part in the political and religious life of late-medieval and early modern England. Drawing from a range of disciplines including political and military history, ecclesiastical history, art history, codicology, diplomatic, literary criticism, and theology, it offers a new contribution to the history of crusading and of the English Church, state, and society by tracing the use of rhetorical and actual crusading in English diplomacy, the development of England’s understanding of its national identity and its place and role in Christendom, and the evolution of legal structures relating to ecclesiastical finance and the exercise of papal jurisdiction within England.

Research interests

Fifteenth-century crusading, especially in England, Burgundy, and the Balkans

Diplomatic, administrative, and legal history of the Latin East

Modern uses of crusading imagery and memory

Digital humanities, especially for palaeography, textual editing, and network analysis


HS1107 Republics, Kings, & People: The Foundations of European Political Thought from Plato to Rousseau

HI3012 The Crusades and Eastern Mediterranean, 1095-1291

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