Mrs Charlie Lea

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Educational background

In 2000 I was awarded a 2:1 in Genetics from the University of Liverpool. This led to a job as DNA Analyst for the Forensic Science Service (FSS). During my time at the FSS I began studying Psychology part-time. In 2008 I completed the Graduate Diploma (Conversion Course) in Psychology at the University of East London where I studied Positive Psychology as an optional module.

Research interests

I am currently researching life satisfaction judgements, in other words – what information do people use when they assess whether they are satisfied with their life.  Life satisfaction judgements are the most commonly used indicators of individual well being and the cognitive processes involved are not well understood.

So far I have utilised think aloud interviews and thoughtful/ rapid thinking manipulations to investigate to what extent life satisfaction judgements are a conscious and deliberate evaluation of one’s life, what information is used and how this information is related to context and personality. This research is part of my PhD thesis supervised by Professor Andy MacLeod.


During the 2011-2012  and 2012- 2013 academic years I have been a tutor and marker for the "Introduction to Abnormal Psychology" module  (PS1110).  Between 2005- 2009 some voluntary work relating to mental health and clinical psychology provided me with not only relevant training but also an insight into contemporary mental health issues. I received some training from Social Workers from South London and Maudsley Trust when I volunteered at a Weekly Drop-in for adults experiencing mental health difficulties. When I worked voluntarily with a Community Mental Health Team in Croydon I gained experience in how mental health services are provided. I have also volunteered with a mental health helpline. There I provided emotional support, up to date information and crisis care over the phone to people experiencing mental health problems, their families and carers. The training and hands-on experience I have gained through this voluntary work contribute to my knowledge and understanding of the various aspects of Abnormal Psychology.

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