Dr Celine Tschirhart

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Céline Tschirhart is a Post-Doctoral Research Assistant on the COBRA project at the Royal Holloway, University of London. As a human geographer, she is keenly interested in the diversity of relationships that societies develop with their physical and social environment. During her Master’s Degree at the Université Paris 10 (France), she specialised in health geography, using health as an indicator of these complex interactions. During her PhD at the Université de Strasbourg (France), she explored the geographical determinants of disparities of human contamination by mercury in the Bolivian Amazon. Within the COBRA project, she is now exploring these interrelations through the question of sustainability of socio-ecological systems in indigenous territories of the Guiana Shield (South America).

Her approach focuses on the interweaving of methods (quantitative and qualitative) and scales of analysis. During her PhD, she collected her data carrying out questionnaires and interviews at the individual, family, municipal and regional levels. Within COBRA, she is developing a more bottom-up approach, through Participatory Action Research and Participatory Hypermedia, as a way of engaging local communities and international CSOs with the research process.


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