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I am a fourth year PhD candidate within the ICT4D Centre, and member of the Politics, Development and Sustainability (PDS) group

My research focuses on the ways through which relationships between bilateral donors and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), working in the field of development, are mediated by the technological communicative means at their disposal, and how knowledge is shared across cultural and spatial divides that separate them. The purpose of my research is to examine how Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) can simplify and extend accountability processes, whilst simultaneously adding knowledge sharing and learning benefits between donors and CSOs. My ultimate aim is to explore how ICT-supported knowledge sharing and learning affects development impact and can potentially support regional and sectoral development learning and decision-making for donors and CSOs.

I am currently in Montreal completing the last leg of my second case study, having previously carried out research with La Colombe in Togo and Gender Links in Southern Africa, which took me to South Africa, Mozambique and Swaziland. My research also heavily involves Canadian and UK based bilateral donors and CSOs. 

My research has been graciously supported with a Slawson Award for fieldwork, scholarships from the ICT4D Centre and a Paul Broome Prize.

The strong undercurrents of my research interests relate to practice-based learning and the design of digital technologies to support individual and collective learning. In 2013, I was selected to become a fellow of the Software Sustainability Institute which has provided me with the opportunity to explore how software can be improved to support researchers within the area of ICT4D.    

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