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Brian Lock is a composer who is equally well known for his sumptuous orchestral film scores and for being at the forefront of the classical/technological boundaries in musical composition.

Brian’s music for films and media is characterised by his large orchestral scores which are used by leading art-house directors worldwide from The Land Girls for the UK’s David Leland, to all the classical music and arrangements in Jane Campion’s The Portrait of a Lady to the recent French smash hit Vipere au Poing. His music is also widely used on TV, just recently on BBC’s Coast and Panorama.

His latest musical projects defy present definitions of musical style. His music finds its voice in aspects of musical genres that are normally divided like film music, electronica, contemporary classical, ambient and sound design.

Brian Lock is widely known as a film and media composer and works with leading art-house directors, both in this country and internationally. His most recent score was for the acclaimed French film director Philippe de Broca’s masterpiece Vipère au Poing. Brian first achieved wide recognition in the film world for his classical reworkings in Jane Campion’s The Portrait of a Lady starring John Malkovich and Nicole Kidman. Other commissions from around the world include scores for The Land Girls directed by the UK’s David Leland, starring Rachel Weisz and Anna Friel; The Gambler with Sir Michael Gambon and Jodhi May for the doyen of Hungarian Cinema, Károly Makk, and Magneto for Jan Jakub Kolski and Lagodna for Mariusz Trelinski in Poland. Other film credits include the BBC production of Chinese director Zang Zeming’s Foreign Moon. 


At the research level Brian is very interested in meeting with composers who are considering pursuing a PhD in Composition in areas such as film music, electronica, experimental and multimedia and all areas surrounding acoustic technology interaction. It may be that you are a trained composer in notated contemporary music and wish to broaden your portfolio out into one of the above areas, for example, produce a mainly notated portfolio of concert hall orientated compositions but include some film music. It may be that you produce a portfolio entirely of electronica and multimedia type work. Another area he is particularly interested in is cross-genre composition, especially where techniques of modern concert hall composition mix with technology and looking at all areas that defy present classifications of musical composition style.

 Current and recent PhD students that Brian has supervised include brilliant young composers like Maria Castro, Geoff Hannan, Ian Vine, Walter Korte and Dimitris Tsoukas. Between them they are having great success including two who are published by BMIC (British Music Information Centre) under the New Voices scheme and also holding AHRC studentships, the Thomas Holloway Scholarship, the Berlin Film Festival prize, the FPRS award and commissions from The London Sinfonietta and Halle Orchestra.

Please feel to free to contact Brian if you are interested in pursuing a PhD in Composition and particularly one that falls under the above description. For further information you can also contact the Postgraduate Admissions Tutor in the Department of Music, Royal Holloway, University of London, Egham TW20 0EX  tel, 01784 443532.

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