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Barbara Zipser won a Wellcome Trust University Award, which led to a permanent position. Her main field of research is Greek medicine from Antiquity to the late Middle Ages, with an emphasis on textual criticism, manuscript transmission, and the formation of Greek vernacular terminology. She is currently running an international collaboration between RHUL (History and Geology), Kew Gardens, the PTS Zurich and Haifa. It is a Collaborative Wellcome Award to develop a methodology for the identification of medicinal plants and minerals. She also runs Simon Online (http://www.simonofgenoa.org), a Latin-Greek-Arabic dictionary project in Wiki format.



HS2329/3529 Medicine in the Ancient, Medieval and Islamic world (Further)

HS2229 Science from Antiquity to the Early Middle Ages (Survey)

HS2327 Explorers and Inventors in Classical and Late Antiqutiy (Special)

Contributing: HS2300 Independent Essay (Healing, Magic and Religion in Antiquity) and HS3106 Historiography (Milman Parry)

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