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Personal profile

Research Interests

I am interested in the evolutionary and cultural forces that drive our social decisions. My current research focuses on the role that our percieved similarity to others, and the reliability of similarity signals, plays when choosing a social-learning strategy. 

I am also interested in how evolution may shape our cognitive biases. My PhD also uses computational models based on population-level genetics to simulate the evolution of potential cognitive biases in both social and asocial domains. I have also investigated the evolutionary origins of certain cognitive biases with the Wason Selection Task for my masters' thesis.

Lastly, I am also interested in motor-control processes, having completed a British Psychological Society- funded award for research investigating the developmental trajectory of agency in motor control (University of Lincoln, 2015).



I am currently the Center for the Development of Academic Skills (CeDAS) statistics tutor. I can support students of all abilities and degree backgrounds with any queries regarding statistical analyses and/or experimental design.

I demonstrate on the MSc Statistics for Research, and Advanced and Applied Research Techniques courses. I recenty demonstrated statistics and an introduction to R and SPSS course aimed at final year undergraduates in Psychology, too. I have completed the programme in skills of teaching to inspire learning qualification at RHUL (inSTiL). I also am an exam invigilator, which lends experience of supervising students during stressful situations.



I am proud to be a member of my supervisor Prof. Ryan McKay's team at the MaBLab (Morality and Beleifs lab at RHUL) (http://pc.rhul.ac.uk/sites/mab-lab/lab_members/phd_students/), and also the PACE lab (Policy and Cultural Evolution), affiliated with universities in Switzerland via my other supervisor Prof. Charles Efferson. I am also a member of the Social and Affective Processes group at Royal Holloway, University of London.

I hold memberships as a postgraduate student in both the British Psychological Society and European Human Behaviour and Evolution Association (EHBEA) society.


Educational background

I earned a first-class honours in BSc Psychology at the University of Lincoln in 2013-16, achieving the British Psychological Society award for being the highest scoring undergraduate of this yearly cohort. I also achieved a distinction in an MSc Psychological Research Methods course at the University of Lincoln in 2016-17.



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