Miss Aysha Bellamy

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Research Interests

I am interested in the evolutionary and cultural forces that drive our social decisions. My current research focuses on the role that our percieved similarity to others plays when choosing a social-learning strategy. My research is linked to the Social and Affective Processes research group.

I am also interested in how evolution may shape our cognitive biases. My PhD also uses models based on population-level genetics to simulate the evolution of potential cognitive biases in both social and asocial domains. I have also investigated cognitive biases with the Wason Selection Task for my masters' thesis.

Lastly, I am also interested in motor-control processes, having completed a British Psychological Society- funded award for research investigating the developmental trajectory of agency in motor control (University of Lincoln, 2015).



I demonstrate on the MSc Statistics for Research and MSc Advanced and Applied Research Techniques courses. I have completed the programme in skills of teaching to inspire learning qualification at RHUL (inSTiL). I also am an exam invigilator, which lends experience of supervising students during stressful situations.


Educational background

I earned a first-class honours in BSc Psychology at the University of Lincoln in 2013-16, achieving the British Psychological Society award for being the highest scoring undergraduate of this yearly cohort. I also achieved a distinction in an MSc Psychological Research Methods course at the University of Lincoln in 2016-17. 

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