Mrs Ayca Ciftci Ozturk

Supervised by

  • John Hill First/primary/lead supervisor


Personal profile

I am a PhD candidate at the Media Arts Department at Royal Holloway, University of London. My current research focuses on the Kurdish films in Turkey, identifying Turkey as a national scale where the existence of Kurdish films generates various questions regarding the relationships between cinema and the nation. One of the main motivations of this research is a particular interest in understanding the political dynamics of the nation in the realm of cinema. From this perspective, the recent emergence of Kurdish films in Turkey offers a substantial case study laden with significant questions regarding political constructions of the nation and national cinema. For this reason, I formulate my research as the examination of the politics of ‘cinema and the nation’ through Kurdish cinema, concentrating on Turkey as an observational field. This reflection involves not only the study of Kurdish films, but also the analysis of the implicit representations of Kurdishness in Turkish cinema before the emergence of Kurdish films; the study of the Turkish filmmakers speaking out the Kurdish issue from a counter-official perspective prior to the emergence of Kurdish films and their impact upon Kurdish films following them; the analysis of the Turkish films which speak of the Kurdish issue from diverse ideological positions after the emergence of Kurdish films and the significance of their intertextual dialogue with the Kurdish films.

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