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My research looks at the behaviour and ecology of bees, with a focus on the effects of urbanisation. For more information please visit my research pages: www.ashsamuelson.wix.com/beesinthecity


Garbuzov, M., Samuelson, E. E., & Ratnieks, F. L. (2014). Survey of insect visitation of ornamental flowers in Southover Grange garden, Lewes, UK. Insect science.

Balfour, N. J., Fensome, K. A., Samuelson, E. E., & Ratnieks, F. L. (2015). Following the dance: Ground survey of flowersand flower-visiting insects in a summer foraging hotspot identified via honey bee waggle dance decoding. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 213, 265-271.

Samuelson, E. E., Chen-Wishart, Z. P., Gill, R J. & Leadbeater, E. (submitted). Effects of acute pesticide exposure on bee spatial working memory using the radial arm maze.

Schürch, R.,  Ratnieks, F. L., Samuelson, E. E., & Couvillon M. J. (submitted). Dancing to her own beat: honey bee foragers communicate via individually calibrated waggle dances.




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