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Personal profile

After completing her BA (2017) and MA (2018) at Royal Holloway, Anya returned as a doctoral researcher in 2021. In addition to her research Anya is the Assistiant Director of Royal Holloway's Centre for Victorian Studies and she is currently a Visiting Tutor in the School of Humanities. Anya is also working part-time on a Technē funded placement at The Dickens Museum, where she is a Research Assistant on a forthcoming exhibition. 

Research interests

"My Technē (AHRC) funded PhD explores the posthumous representation of Charles Dickens, George Eliot and Oscar Wilde. I read the memorials and monuments dedicated to these authors, and the alterations that have been imposed on these sites from conception to modern day, alongside the editing and reframing of their texts. The term ‘memorialise’ contains a formal history of how authorial figures have been preserved. Rather than further exploring this formal history, my thesis demonstrates its relevance by exploring the current active processes of authorial memorialisation. This thesis makes a significant, interdisciplinary contribution to the growing fields of research on material culture and celebrity, introducing a new approach to heritage studies."


Anya is a Visiting Tutor on EN1107: Reorienting the Novel

Office hour: Monday 3-4pm in IN224

ID: 40130419