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Dr Anthony Cooper holds a BA in 'Politics and International Relations', an MA in 'Politics, Democracy and Governance' and a PhD in Political Geography/Border Studies. While his research is multidisciplinary, falling within the broad areas of global studies, border studies, political geography and contemporary political theory, his research focuses on the complex multi-scalar relationships between borders/bordering and processes attributed to 'globalization'. More specifically he is interested in the ways in which borders are able to connect as well as divide and the different outcomes such 'connections' have on those involved in the border/ing process. Dr Cooper has an active interest in the following overlapping areas of border studies broadly put: Border Policy, General Border Theory; Borderwork (the ability of 'ordinary people' to to construct, maintain and dismantle borders in tangible and meaningful ways); Borders and identity; Borders and mobility. His other active research interests include Global Studies, Political Geography and International Relations.


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Dr Cooper taught the following undergraduate seminars during his PhD at Royal Holloway:


Traditional Theories in Politics and International Relations (Level 4)

Introduction to Globalization (Level 4)

Modern Political Theory (Level 5)

International Relations Theory (Level 5)

Introduction to Global Studies (Level 5)




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