Dr Anne-Celia Feutrie

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  • Colin Davis First/primary/lead supervisor


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Contact on staff address: Anne-Celia.Feutrie@rhul.ac.uk

Personal profile

I am a former Élève of the École Normale Supérieure (Lyon) and of the Institut d'Études Politiques (Sciences-Po Paris). I joined the French department at Royal Holloway in 2008 as a lectrice and went on to write a PhD on French post-war fiction entitled 'The Commitment to Scandal in French post-war fiction (1945-1950) through the works of Marcel Aymé, Jean Genet and Roger Nimier’ under the supervision of Professor Colin Davis and examined by Professors Edward J. Hughes of Queen Mary, University of London and Anne Simonin (CNRS/Maison française d'Oxford).

My thesis examines an unusual corpus of authors (Aymé, Genet and Nimier) to propose an alternative reading of the immediate post-war period which is less dependent on historiographical categories (resister/ collaborator, existentialist/ right-wing, etc) and moves away from interpretative grids such as Henry Rousso's Syndrome de Vichy (1987) routinely used in literary studies. A key methodological contribution of the thesis is to use 'scandal' as a new hermeneutic tool in literary studies and reclaim literature as a space and mode of practical knowledge alongside other types of 'serious discourses' such as history.

My wider research interests include critical theory and intellectual history, the place of literature in the Republic in particular, as well as the critical traditions and practices in France, the UK and the United States. They also include ethics (the normal vs the pathological, the figure of the enemy, etc), criminology, law, pragmatics and discourse analysis. 

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