Professor Anne Sheppard

Research interests

My research interests centre round the interaction between philosophy and literature.  After studying ‘Greats’, i.e. Classics and Philosophy, at St. Anne’s College, Oxford, I did an Oxford DPhil on the literary theory of the Neoplatonist philosopher, Proclus.  This led me to work on other aspects of Neoplatonism and in particular to an interest in Neoplatonic psychology and philosophy of mind.  I have published on both ancient and modern aesthetics, as well as on Neoplatonism.  My book, The Poetics of Phantasia:  Imagination in Ancient Aesthetics, dealing with the ancient concept of imagination in relation to literature and art, appeared in March 2014.  I am now engaged on a new research project, on views of drama in post-Aristotelian Greek philosophy, and am also preparing a translation, commentary and introduction to Plotinus, Ennead 1.8 for Parmenides Press.  I taught Philosophy at Oxford, then Classics at the University of Durham and Philosophy at the Open University before coming to Royal Holloway in 1989.  I retired from my full-time post at Royal Holloway in 2017 and am now Professor Emerita of Ancient Philosophy. 

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