Dr Anna Whitelock

Research interests

My research interests lie broadly in sixteenth and seventeenth century political history and particularly issues relating to monarchy, religion, gender, court politics, political culture, royal bodies and issues around monarchical succession.

In May 2009, my biography of Mary Tudor [Mary Tudor: England’s First Queen (Bloomsbury, 2009] was published by Bloomsbury. Drawing on new research, this book seeks to construct a new, popular narrative of a queen less weak-willed, unintelligent and politically incompetent but well-educated, courageous and politically accomplished who ruled as England's first crowned queen regnant.I have also co-edited a collection of essays on Tudor Queenship: The reigns of Mary and Elizabeth (Palgrave, 2009)  which presents new scholarship of both the reigns.

My latest book Elizabeth's Bedfellows: An Intimate History of the Queen's Court (Bloomsbury, 2013)  focuses on the court of Elizabeth I exploring in particular the queen’s bedchamber and the significance of the queen’s body and considers such issues as intimacy, friendship, rumour and conspiracy.

My current project will present a major new history of the establishment of the Stuart dynasty and the cultural and political 'turn' at the beginning of the seventeenth century which reclaims the period as a key transition in both the formation of Britain and, crucially, Britain's place in Europe. In 1603 King James VI of Scotland became king of England. The Tudor dynasty was brought to an end and with the union of the English and Scottish crowns, Stuart Britain was born. After the long reign of the unmarried Elizabeth I, a Scottish royal family now took their place at the English court. This project considers the political, cultural and dynastic role of James, Anne of Denmark and their three children and, for the first time, draws this royal family together in a composite portrait. This book is under contract with Bloomsbury with the provisional title SUCCESSION: The Arrival of the Stuarts in England 1603-1625.

I am Director of the London Centre for Public History and Heritage

Personal profile

I am a media commentator on the Tudors and Stuarts, the monarchy, royal bodies, royal succession, gender and politics as well as on public history and heritage. I regularly appear on news, current affairs and events broadcasts on television and radio as a royal expert, historical consultant and commentator. I have appeared as an on screen historian in numerous television programmes and have written and presented Heritage Wars on BBC Radio 3.

Personal profile

For more information see my personal website www.annawhitelock.co.uk

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