Dr Anna Posazhennikova

Research interests

Superconductivity: exotic superconductors with disorder, high-temperature superconductivity, fluctuation conductivity

Mesoscopic physics and Strong correlations: Kondo effect in quantum dots

Cold atoms: quantum phase transitions, entanglement, Bose-Josephson junctions, non-equiulibrium dynamics of bosons in optical lattices

Soft Matter: fractals, wetting phenomena

Educational background

AP studied at the Ural’s State University, Ekaterinburg, Russia. She completed her PhD thesis on exotic superconductivity at  the Institute of Electrophysics, Ekaterinburg, Russia. 
She then moved as PostDoc to Leuven, Belgium and afterwards to Karlsruhe, Germany and Konstanz, Germany. She is at RHUL since 2011and is presently a Lecturer in Physics  working on cold bosons, non-equilibrium bosonic Josephson junctions, Mott-superfluid transitions, and light-matter interactions in microcavities.

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