Dr Anja Jakobi

Personal profile


I am Senior Lecturer in International Relations at the Department of Politics and International Relations. As political scientist and sociologist, I am interested in the theoretical and empirical investigation of world society, related international institutions, policy diffusion and political change. I particularly analyze how policies emerge and spread worldwide and which impact they have on the national level.

My special focus is on global public security and global public policy, given that politics in these fields is usually closely linked to the nation state. Related international institutions are difficult to be created and to be accepted – they are thus hard cases of world society formation.


See my personal website for my research program, my bio and a complete list of publications:




2000 BA Politics and German Studies (RWTH Aachen, Zwischenpruefung)

2002 MA Politics (FU Berlin, Dipl. Pol.)

2006 PhD Sociology (University of Bielefeld, Dr. phil.)

2012 Higher Doctorate Political Science (TU Darmstadt, Habilitation)


I teach international relations courses, with some overlap to comparative politics and public policy.


Course leader for


 PIR 1500: Introduction to International Relations (Part II)

 PIR 2580: International Organisations (Part I)

 PIR 3820: Global Crime (Part I+II)

 PIR 3850: Non-State Violence, Civil War and Security (Part I+II)


Office Hours


In autumn term, my office hours are:

• Wednesday and Thursday, 11:30-12:30


Non-teaching weeks: Please feel free to email me for an appointment.



Teaching Development

2014 PG Cert HE (University of London)

Since 2015 Fellow of the Higher Education Academy



Supervision of PhDs

I am particularly interested in the supervision of research projects that explain the development and effects of institutions (international organizations or regulations) in world society. I particularly welcome proposals related to crime and security.


If you interested in pursuing a PhD in this field, contact me with a proposal that presents your research question and further aspects of your planned work. Please also send a complete CV, which lists all academic courses you attended.


Our PhD program usually starts in Autumn, so please allow sufficient time to review and discuss your research proposal. The admission process at the department also involves an interview. Details on the programme and formal entry requirements can be found on the departmental website.

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