Dr Anirban Basu

Dr Anirban Basu

Senior Lecturer in Earth Sciences

Phone: +44 1784 414083

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2013: PhD (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

2013-2016: Postdoctoral fellow (Center for Isotope Geochemistry, University of California, Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)



My area of interest is low-temperature geochemistry, particularly the use of non-traditional stable isotope systems as indicators of biogeochemical processes in modern and ancient environments. Biologically mediated reduction-oxidation (redox) reactions are critical to many aspects of chemistry involved in energy and environment. Changes in the isotopic ratios of the key metal elements typically accompany reduction reactions. Several redox-sensitive elements (Cr, U, Se, and Mo) show great promise as tracers of environmental cycling and remediation of dissolved contaminants, and help place constraints on past ocean or atmospheric chemistry.


Main Research Themes:

  • Metal isotope ratios as proxies of metal cycling in groundwater, surface water, soils, and sediments 
  • Microbial metal isotope fractionation 
  • Remediation of contaminated land and aquifers 
  • Formation and evolution of redox boundaries in aquifers, soils, sediments and iotope fractioation during reactive transport of metals/metalloids  
  • Metal isotope ratios as indicators of human exposure to toxic metals 



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