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Andrew's interests span a range of critical research on computational securities (cybersecurity), incorporating work on malware, computational agency, and offensive cyber operations.

His current research considers how machine learning algorithms and humans arrive at decisions with regards to offensive (and defensive) cyber, and the implications of this for claims of 'automated' security. As part of this, he is Co-Lead of the academic Offensive Cyber Working Group, bringing together a diverse group of academics from across the UK and beyond to discuss and research offensive cyber.

Andrew is also a Research Affiliate at the Centre for Technology and Global Affairs at the University of Oxford, Assistant Editor at the journal Big Data & Society, and is on the Editorial Board for the journal, Digital Geography and Society. Previously he has been an Addison Wheeler Research Fellow at Durham University, a Research Associate at the University of Bristol's Cyber Security Group and a Visiting Fellow at the SFB-TRR 138 'Dynamics of Security' collaborative research centre in central Germany.

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