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Personal profile

Andreas completed his undergraduate and masters degrees in the Department of War Studies at King's College London before joining the CDT in the autumn of 2014.

Prior to and inbetween his degrees he spent time working in the video games industry, retail management and the defence sector.

Research interests


The working title of Andreas' thesis is 'Wargaming Cyber Attacks'. The research consists of four main elements:

  • An exploration of the pedagogical uses of wargaming, with an analysis of benefits and limitations.
  • Development of novel wargames to address shortcomings in cyber education and awareness training for senior policy- and decision-makers.
  • Deployment of the original games, with analysis of player reactions.
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of wargames for education and awareness training.

A short video about Andreas' wargame can be seen here.


Additional Interests

Andreas' additional research interests lie in non-technical cyber security topics pertaining to military and government applications of cyber technologies, and organisational and policy responses to cyber security issues. He is particularly interested in:

  • Cyber security strategies
  • Weaponised code proliferation
  • Cyber forces recruitment

Other work

Andreas has provided policy advice to:

  • UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office on International Cyber Security Policy
  • Australian Department of Industry, Innovation and Science on Cyber Security Standards for Defence Contracts


Andreas has been a visiting lecturer at:

  • UK Defence Academy, Shrivenham
  • German Command and Staff College (Führungsakademie der Bundeswehr), Hamburg
  • Swedish Defence University (Försvarshögskolan), Stockholm
  • NATO Centre of Excellence Defence Against Terrorism, Ankara

Educational background

MA Intelligence and International Security

King's College London

September 2013-August 2014

Dissertation: 'What is the Significance of Stuxnet to War?'


BA (Hons) War Studies with Digital Humanities

King's College London

September 2009-July 2012

Dissertation: 'How is War Represented in Video Games and how do these Representations Affect Public Perceptions of War?'

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