Miss Anastasiya Trayanova

Supervised by

  • Sophie Nield First/primary/lead supervisor

    1/10/12 → 10/01/14

Research interests

I am looking at participatory performances and different audience engagement methods as marketing tools. By extracting some of the leading ideas from the marketing world, like the experience economy and the experiential marketing models, and linking those with artistic companies using audience participation as a center of their creative work I hope to identify a new concept in advertising, promoting and selling performances.

My thesis concentrates on the relation between the creative choice made by companies by involving the audience members on an emotional, mental and physical basis, the distinctive characteristics of the contemporary tactics of audience engagement and the possible strategies in selling experience instead of passive observation in performing arts. It emphasizes how successful marketing ideas from the business environment could be adopted by creative companies and how audience experiences within the frame of a performance can increase their sales.

ID: 9162480