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Ami Skånberg Dahlstedt is a Swedish performer, choreographer, filmmaker and writer. Ami often creates stage work (solo, and collaborative) on the basis of her embodied life story in a particular theme.  Her 90 min solo performance A particular act of survival received a performing arts award at Scenkonstgalan in Sweden in 2015. Since then she has created two new solo performances in collaboration with the composer Palle Dahlstedt and the light designer Åsa Holtz; Atsumori/Hero (for the Noh theatre Festival in London) and The laugh of the Medusa. Her new play Yamamba - walse for a wounded ancestor premieres in Dec 2018.

The slow walk suriashi is essential in Ami's practice, which she has studied since 2000 with her teacher Nishikawa Senrei in Kyoto, Japan. Since 2014, she walks in suriashi in different spaces. Ami also explores the various accents her dancing contains, where nihon buyō has been an important source of knowledge the last seventeen years. Between March 2015 and July 2018 Ami chaired the Nordic Summer University Study Circle 7: Practicing Communities - Transformative societal strategies of artistic research together with Dr Lucy Lyons. Ami is a member of the Peer Review board of Journal of Artistic Research since February 2017.


'Censor the body and you censor breath and speech at the same time. Write yourself. Your body must be heard.' (Hèléne Cixous)

Other work

Ami makes dance films and documentaries about dance. Her debut film won an honorary mention at VidéoDanseGrandPrix in Paris 1995. Her fiction film 'The Dancer - a fairy-tale' was nominated the Golden Hat Award at Gothenburg Film Festival the same year. A collection of her films are released by Njutafilms.

Research interests

For her PhD, Ami is developing ways of incorporating traditional Japanese dance and theatre into her contemporary performances and films. Her artistic investigations concern gender constructions in Japanese theatre and dance, and the gender codified walk, suriashi. 


Ami has taught contemporary dance, dance film, and dance history since 1989. In Dec 2014, she was invited to teach a workshop in traditional Japanese cross gender techniques at Tampere Theatre, by the Finnish director Disa Kamula. In January 2015 she taught a similar workshop at East 15 Acting School, University of Essex, invited by the scholar and actress MJ Coldiron. In September 2016 she taught a methodology course for the MA students at Academy of Music and Drama at University of Gothenburg. In 2017 she supervised an MA student  from the Latvian Acadamy of Culture and an independent Swedish choreographer. In 2018, she gives a course on 'performance lecture' to the MA students at GU.

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